A Workshop of Self Authorship & Joy.

Christy Punnett 22th - 25th October 2020.

In this four-day collective journey we will create a space for discovery, creativity and joy.


Why? Because now is the time, the time to bring forward our gifts, raise our energy and direct our focus in a productive collaborative way.


In this four-day workshop we will focus on creating a secure space for your body’s intelligence to work with the following energies:








Together we will deconstruct and reconstruct through play, movement, art, breath, writing and sound. My interest is in your gifts and the potential you have to be a source of security and compassion to yourself and to your community.


This event will be a celebration and a unique space for personal discovery and activating your sense of personal self & growth seeds.


Please bring paper, journals, pens, colors, instruments.


A Workshop of Self Authorship & Joy:


Thursday 22th 18-20. 450DKK

Friday 23th 18-20. 450DKK

Saturday24th 10-13. 650DKK

Sunday 25th 10-13. 650DKK 


The Gentle Path – An Integration & Breath Series:

Saturday 23th 15-17. 450DKK

Sunday 24th 15-17. 450 DKK


Full Workshop Self Authorship Joy + Gentle Path 2500 DKK


Christy Punnett has been teaching and studying movement for twenty-five years. She is the mother of four, a trained Doula, a SMART trainer and is a certified yoga teacher in the Kripalu and Anusara schools. She is a designated mentor for Global Bowspring and continues studying ancient mind body practices well as teaching a therapeutic movement practice. Christy lives in Barbados where she works privately with students around the world. Her work and classes focus on reprograming and processing our physical and emotional history through engaged mindful movement.


For more information and to work with Christy please contact her at


The event will take place at: Skovridergården, Skovridervej 22, 8000 Aarhus C.


We will follow the governmental requirements according to COVID-19.

Please show up 10 minutes before the event begins.


Bring your own mat and a blanket.

Sign up and pay with MobilePay: 25753 Signe Budolf Bowspring

For international participants, or if you want to pay with bank transfer write to Signe, Signemalene@hotmail.com, and she will send you an invoice with bank information.


In case of cancellation due to COVID-19, your payment will immediately be returned.