Artemis Movement presents

Our elemental bones

With Christy Punnett in Aarhus Denmark
October 14th -16th 2022

"The act of being reliable increases faith in yourself." CP


In this three day workshop you will explore the story of your body using the latest fascia and exercise research making it personal through movement, breath and creative play. Classes evolve by spiralling and progressive learning with focus on your individual journey and your relationship to your body as you unravel anxiety and reduce stress. All are welcome. 


Friday 14th October

6 - 8pm  


Ground, connect, reliable, constant, whole.


Using Artemis Forms you explore the ability to ground your energy, practice self care and self healing. 


You will steady your nervous system through movement and breathing practices, find strength and power in moving slowly, discovering connections and a deeper relationship to yourself. 


Saturday 15th October

9am - 12pm 


Nurture, flow, sense, feel, find, nourish.


You will begin to move old energy patterns by seeking instead of forcing , finding and feeling your own path.


You will use Artemis Technology to create change in direction and shifts in patterns. Using co-ordination and mobility you will unwind habitual tendencies so that you can feel your energy flowing freely and powerfully throughout your whole body.


Saturday 15th October

2 - 5pm 


Revitalise, see, temper, mould, bake


In this afternoon session you will light the energy, focus our intent, and choose your values.


You will emerge with new stability and understanding, with greater balance and vision, being true to your personal journey.


Sunday 16th October

9am - 1pm 


Curiosity, creativity, dynamism, adaptability, discovery


Trusting your body's intelligence you now use the skills you have to create, to pulse and to play. 


This is transformative and allows you to use your training in practice. You will discover and adapt while becoming lighter, more active and vital.

Spaces are limited. Sign up to get your spot. 

About Artemis Movement

Artemis Movement is an integrated approach to posture and alignment that improves functional capacity through multi component training. 

Some of the benefits include;


- Enhanced physical awareness 

- Improved breathing patterns 

- Strength & Endurance

- Reduction in Anxiety

- Increased Stability

- Advancing Functional Mobility